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Stories Everywhere: Snapchat Introducing Browser-Friendly Feature

by Joseph
Snapchat Stories Everywhere

Snapchat Stories Everywhere

Snapchat’s social media dominance is currently restricted to smartphones, but a new feature will represent the brand’s attempt to infringe upon the all too precious computer browser time most of us spend browsing Facebook and Twitter. It will reportedly be called Stories Everywhere. 

Snapchat Stories Everywhere will allow users to upload their Story content through web browsers or even other apps. The function will reportedly be Snapchat’s attempt to do battle for the souls of the world with Facebook and Instagram, both of which have spent recent years imitating Snapchat Stories for their own social media services. Success – as well as everything else – is cyclical in the world of social media.

Stories Everywhere won’t be coming out for a while yet, since according to this report it’s still in the early stages of its development. So you have a while before Snapchat joins Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as being dominated by the old and the uncool. Enjoy it while you can!

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