Home Entertainment The STIGA Studio Table: The Lamborghini of Ping Pong Tables

The STIGA Studio Table: The Lamborghini of Ping Pong Tables

by Joseph
STIGA Studio Table
STIGA Studio TableSTIGA Studio TableSTIGA Studio TableSTIGA Studio Table

Ping pong is not generally considered to be one of the upscale sports of the rich and famous – walk into any low-rent dorm room or sports bar and there’s a good chance you’ll find a cheap ping pong table being held up on one end by old issues of Maxim. But STIGA has come out with a truly luxurious ping pong table, with a price tag to match.

It’s the STIGA Studio Table, with features like its 2800-watt sound system that’s Bluetooth compatible and that sends high-quality sound to the ping pong players and any spectators that might be milling about (and with a sound system like this, milling about is a lot more desirable an activity). It also has a snazzy LED lighting system that can be programmed to the beat of the music. It kind of seems like that would be distracting when you’re trying to get a ping pong volley going, but whatever.

Some photos of the STIGA Studio Table are up at the top, and for more information head over to STIGA’s website here. Orders and pricing inquires can be made by a 1-800 number listed on the website, but as they say, if you have to ask…

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