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Steve McQueen’s Racing Helmet Can Be Yours

by Joseph
Steve McQueen's racing helmet

Steve McQueen's racing helmet

I’m not sure why, but there appears to be high levels of Steve McQueen in the cultural atmosphere these days, even though he died almost 40 years ago. The most recent previous example was the new Steve McQueen in LeMans comic, and now we have Steve McQueen’s racing helmet going up for sale from Collector Studio.

Steve McQueen’s racing helmet, as it is billed by Collector Studio, isn’t just some helmet the guy happened to own, but an honest to God icon, painted with its own “McQueen” logo by Von Dutch, and worn by the actor when he raced in the Gulf Porsche at Sebring and Holtville back in 1970 (he also wore it on the set of Le Mans). And now, it can be yours for an asking price that’s only available by request, but is described Mr. Dink-style on its Collector Studio listing as “the holy grail of Porsche collectibles. Very Expensive!”

If you want to find out just how expensive, go ahead and make a pricing inquiry on Steve McQueen’s racing helmet from that Collector Studio listing right here.

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