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Steve Jobs’ Childhood Home Now a Historic Site

by Joseph
Steve Jobs' Childhood Home

Steve Jobs' Childhood Home

The corporation founded by Steve Jobs, Apple, has more rabid followers than pretty much any other company, so it makes sense that people would be interested in visiting the house he grew up in—perhaps even more so than, say, Donald Trump’s childhood home.

So the city of Los Altos, California, had a good reason for designating that house as a historic site. The only rub comes when you realize that Jobs’ sister, Patricia Jobs, still lives in the house. So now, if she ever wants to renovate or even just repair part of the house, she has to get permission from the committee in charge. And to top things off, Patricia’s permission wasn’t even required in the decision to make her house a historic site.

Suddenly, the downside of living with a childhood genius becomes apparent.

Anyway, 2066 Crist Drive, Los Altos, California, is now an official historic site as the childhood house of Steve Jobs. If you’re not going to be in the area any time soon, the picture at the top might be good enough to appease your curiosity.

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