Home Entertainment Stephen Colbert Eliminates the Colbeard in ‘The Late Show’ Video

Stephen Colbert Eliminates the Colbeard in ‘The Late Show’ Video

by Joseph
Stephen Colbert Colbeard Video

Stephen Colbert Colbeard Video

The only thing that America loves more than Stephen Colbert is Stephen Colbert’s beard, and they love that so much that they gave it a fun nickname: The Colbeard. But just as all other good things must, the Colbeard had to come to an end eventually, and Colbert chose the occasion to get some viral juice on his upcoming debut as The Late Show host.

The video shows Colbert re-sculpting his beard into a variety of classic styles, including the Amish, the Half-Wolverine, and the Un-Hitler. All the while, the remnants of his beard are inexplicably deposited onto a hot dog, and as I watched the video I was racked with fear that it was going to end with him eating the whole hairy mess. Luckily, that sort of thing was the younger Colbert’s game, and new, mature Colbert doesn’t go for that kind of nonsense.

He does go for other kinds of nonsense, though, as you can see by watching Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show quasi-debut below. The show itself won’t premiere until September 8th, but until then you can check out the official CBS site right here.

Here’s the video:

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