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Stella Artois NOVA Counter Top Draft Beer Device

by Joseph
Stella Artois Nova

Stella Artois Nova

Authentic draft beer in the house historically requires having to put in a full-blown tap system, which isn’t exactly something you can set up in a few minutes. But the people at Stella Artois and industrial designer Marc Thorpe have come up with a counter top alternative: The Stella Artois NOVA.

The Stella Artois NOVA was engineered with venues too small or budgetarily limited to afford a traditional draft system. It’s also meant to be an all-in-one system, handling refrigeration, carbonation, and everything else you need to serve draft beer in the accepted Stella Artois fashion.

Whether or not the Stella Artois NOVA would be a practical addition to a home bar will become clearer when additional release details like pricing are made available in the near future. For now, you can get some more information on the NOVA device (which sounds like a pretty cool scifi McGuffin) at Stella Artois’ official press release right here.

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