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Steer Horn Drinking Cups: A Taste of the Viking Life

by Joseph
Steer Horn Drinking Cups

If your life has become a little too close to Blondie and not close enough to Hagar the Horrible, the time has perhaps come to buy a set of Steer Horn Drinking Cups from Cool Material.

Made from the actual horns of actual steer, you might come away from a drinking session with these cups thinking that steer were put on this Earth to provide us with drinking implements – that’s how perfectly shaped these cups are for drinking.

The natural curve of the steer horn and its inherently intriguing mix of colors and shading also make it an unusual material for drinking cups, but if you’re interested in Steer Horn Drinking Cups in the first place, that’s probably a positive rather than a negative. And since they are made from real steer horn, no two cups will be exactly alike.

The Cool Material Steer Horn Drinking Cups are currently sold in sets of two from the Cool Material online store here, where each set is priced at $19. And you can see a couple pictures of the cups in the gallery below:

Steer Horn Drinking CupsSteer Horn Drinking Cups

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