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Stealth Suit: Heat-Resistant, Waterproof, Maneuverable

by Joseph
Stealth Suit

Your typical suit sacrifices something in the realms of durability and functionality for style, or vice versa. But the makers of the Stealth Suit have made a direct effort to create a suit that does it all, countering the effects of water and heat while remaining wearable in all kinds of sartorial situations.

The Stealth Suit is made from a specially developed fabric that is engineered to be completely maneuverable, water-resistant and heat-reflective, so the wearer can remain comfortable regardless of the weather. And both the pants and jacket that make up the suit are designed to work separately or together as part of a wide array of outfits – the idea being that you won’t need another suit in your wardrobe.

Whether or not that’s true is up for debate, but you have to admit the Stealth Suit is an impressive piece of tailoring. The jacket and pants will come together at a little under $1,000 from Ministry of Supply here starting on January 20th, and you can see a couple photos of the suit in the gallery below.

Stealth SuitStealth Suit

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