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Stealth: Fitness App Uses Video Games to Encourage Exercise (Video)

by Joseph


Sometimes I think the difference between people who exercise and people who don’t isn’t that the former are more committed or driven but instead they just find exercising pleasurable, so it’s (relatively) easy for them to commit to it. It’s true that they say if you want to exercise consistently you should find ways to do it so that you enjoy it, rather than out of devotion to fitness, and Stealth is a new app and exercise system that makes that a little bit easier.

Stealth is based on the idea that it’s easier to exercise when you’re focused on a video game—effectively using your body as a giant joystick—than it is when you’re focused on counting reps or minutes. Stealth uses a video game to allow users to do just that, and the idea is that before they know it they will have had an effective exercise, and might even be down for another.

See how Stealth works in the video below. And to pre-order a kit for yourself for $179, head over to the Stealth site right here.


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