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SteakCation: Win an Overnight Stay in a Canadian Taco Bell

by Joseph


Generally speaking, spending the night at Taco Bell will get you an early morning trip to the ER or the county jail (or both), but Airbnb and Taco Bell have teamed up for a promotional effort that makes sleeping in a Taco Bell a good thing. It’s called a SteakCation, and it’s the grand prize of a sweepstakes (or should that be “sweepsteaks”) going on right now.

You and three of your friends have the chance of a lifetime—to spend “the night at Taco Bell playing games, watching TV, and of course, eating plenty of Steak Doubledillas,” the new Taco Bell menu item this event is meant to promote. There will also be a “Taco Bell butler” on hand to make sure all your needs are being met, and, presumably, to keep you from causing too much damage in a nacho cheese sauce fugue state.

You can enter to win an all-expenses-paid SteakCation at Airbnb right here. The event itself is on October 17th to the 18th, so you may want to clear any other plans you might have from your schedule—after all, you can probably find an all-night Taco Bell somewhere near you and have your own SteakCation even if you don’t win.

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