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Staying Stylish is Simple With The Gillette ProGlide Styler

by JamieD

gillette proglide styler

Whether you’re heading to a business meeting, or getting ready for a night on the town, every man with even the slightest bit of facial hair will tell you that maintaining a well-groomed look can be quite the pain in the rear at times.  In addition to being a time-consuming endeavor, grooming one’s facial hair is a task that can also require plenty of different tools.  If only there was some sort of magical device that could provide everything, from a close shave to an even trim…

…Oh wait!  There is!!!  Thanks to the Gillette ProGlide Styler, shaving has never been easier.

For starters, the ProGlide Styler comes with Gillette’s trademark Fusion ProGlide shaving blades that provides an incredibly close shave with maximum comfort and minimum irritation.  And for those tighter areas where a more precise shave is required, there’s the Precision Edging Blade.  And last, but certainly not least, the ProGlide Styler’s final grooming function comes in the form of a electric trimmer with Braun engineered technology, for those who want to rid themselves of some, but not all, of their hair.

The trimmer comes equipped with a battery and three combs to customize the length of your trim.  And the entire package also comes with a 9 mL tube of clear shave gel.

Based on personal experience, I can tell you with confidence that the Gillette ProGlide Styler has brought a whole new level of efficiency to the world of shaving.  Transitioning from shaving my face, to trimming my goatee and touching up my sideburns has never been quicker.  And I didn’t even have to sacrifice the quality of my grooming experience in the process, as I emerged from the bathroom feeling like a new man with my fresh, new look.

Because of Gillette’s ability to combine the highest levels of efficiency and quality into one neat package, the ProGlide Styler easily earns a perfect rating of 5 out of 5.

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