Home Entertainment ‘Staying Alive’: Tracy Morgan’s Return to Standup (Trailer)

‘Staying Alive’: Tracy Morgan’s Return to Standup (Trailer)

by Joseph
Staying Alive

Staying Alive

Standup comedians retire from standup all the time, either to become movie or TV stars or for other, less lucrative reasons. But few have come as close to permanent retirement without going over the brink as Tracy Morgan, who had a horrifying car accident in 2014 that led to a coma and slowly learning to walk and speak again. Now, he’s Staying Alive, as per the title of his upcoming Netflix comedy special.

Morgan has been seen on TV and in movies since his recovery, but Staying Alive marks the comedian’s long-awaited return to the standup stage. It seems his primary point of inspiration here is, for some reason, Saturday Night Fever, right down to his Tony Manero-style suit seen in a new trailer for the special.

You can watch that trailer below, and to see Tracy Morgan’s Staying Alive head to your Netflix account on May 16th.

Here’s the trailer:

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