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Stay-Brella: An Umbrella That Stands On Its Own

by Joseph

Anyone who has ever regularly used an umbrella is probably familiar with the age-old routine of attempting to balance your umbrella perfectly in the corner between two walls, knowing full well that the margin for error is so low as to be nonexistent. But the makers of the Stay-Brella at the Nendo design firm are the ones who decided to do something about it.

The Stay-Brella is an umbrella with an inventively constructed handle that allows it to hang off of a table or counter, stably lean against a wall, or (most impressively) actually stand on its own without any external means of support. Not only is it more convenient since the usual number of available umbrella storage spaces is increased practically to infinity, but it’s also kind of like a magic trick.

Release details on the Stay-Brella are limited, but you can check it out at Nendo’s website here. And hopefully you’ll be able to grab one in time for Thanksgiving —a product like this seems like it’s designed to impress relatives you only see once a year.

Here are some photos of the Stay-Brella:


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