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“Starry Sea”: La Table Returns With Starry Light Show (Video)

by Joseph
The "Starry Sea" La Table

The "Starry Sea" La Table

Remember La Table? If not, here’s a quick recap: It was a coffee table from designer Alexandre Chapelin that was aquatically themed. Now it’s back with a sequel, entitled “Starry Sea,” undoubtedly 2016’s hottest table sequel so far. It upgrades the original with its WiFi-enabled LED system that gives it the appearance of, well, a starry sea.

The “Starry Sea” La Table can run for up to 300 hours on one six-hour charge, and it can be controlled either with its own designated remote control or via the LED Magic Color app, which can also be used to customize its illumination patterns.

Inquiries on purchasing a “Starry Sea” La Table can be sent directly to Chapelin’s email address, which can be found at the artist’s Instagram account here as well as more examples of his work. Or, if you’re a little more pressed for time and/or money, you can just check out the table in the short video below.



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