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StarkBoard: A Smart, Hands-Free Electric Skateboard

by Joseph


Skateboards are fun and all, but since they’re basically just planks of wood attached to wheels, they require a certain amount of physical control to really master. Now, there’s a new, smart, and hands-free electric skateboard that responds to your body in much the same way the Segway does – it’s called, with apologies to both Iron Man and Ghostface Killah – the StarkBoard.

If you’re puzzled – as I was at first – by the billing of a “hands-free” skateboard, that means that the StarkBoard works without a remote control. Instead, it reads your body and responds intuitively, making for an easy learning curve that purportedly takes just three minutes to get the hang of. The board has a top speed of 20 miles per hour, can run up to 12 miles on a single charge, and has on board LED lights and sturdy, waterproof construction.

Get more info on the StarkBoard at the product’s IndieGoGo campaign here, where you can pre-order one for $549.

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