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‘Starcade’: Classic Video Game Game Show Streaming on Twitch

by Joseph


Starcade (not to be confused with WCW Starrcade) is enshrined in television history as the first game show ever to incorporate video games into its structure, paving the way for such future game shows as – well, Nick Arcade is the most important one, so let’s just leave it at that. Now, for some reason, Shout! Factory TV is streaming the show for a 6-day marathon on Twitch.

Starcade combined traditional quiz show action (with questions related to video games, of course) with actual competitive video gaming. If you don’t care about that, it also provides a healthy dose of a TV broadcasting veteran trying valiantly to talk about video games, which he obviously knows nothing about. Funny then, funny now, funny forever.

Check out Shout! Factory TV’s Starcade Twitch marathon at Shout! Factory TV’s Twitch channel right here, where it will continue for the next six days with special content, host segments with Erika Ishii, and presumably other gimmicks to keep people watching a 30 year old game show on the internet.

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