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Starburst All Pink Limited Edition Coming Soon

by Joseph
Starburst All Pink

Starburst All Pink

Everyone seems to have a different personal ranking of Starburst flavors. In fact, no two people can even seem to agree on which is the worst flavor (my opinion, in case you’re interested: there is no worst flavor, they’re all delicious!). But apparently there’s enough consensus out there to justify the upcoming Starburst All Pink Limited Edition.

What else can be said about Starburst All Pink? The packs of the candy will be, you guessed it, all pink, rather than the usual plethora of variety that has up to this point been the Starburst trademark. Pink is strawberry, by the way, which I’m sure more people than you might guess did not know.

Anyway, you can reportedly expect to see the Starburst All Pink Limited Edition at select retailers next month. It’s an exciting time to be a voracious candy eater. ┬áMaybe soon they’ll do a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup that’s all peanut butter!

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