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15 Starbucks Secret Menu Items

by Esteban

starbucks secret menu items

These days, pretty much every major food and beverage chain has a so-called “secret menu.” Obviously, said menus aren’t really secret, otherwise we wouldn’t know about them. We’re really just talking about custom orders that have become popular and somewhat regularized by patrons, usually via social media. But you know what, calling them “secret menus” instead of “popular custom orders” sounds a lot cooler, makes you feel like you’re “in the know.” So we’re sticking with that.

Anyway, Starbucks, the world’s most ubiquitous purveyor of $4 coffees, is not immune to the secret menu items craze. Their dedicated followers—lets call them “Buckies”—have established a long list of off-the-menu standards. And that is the subject of our list today.

Now, you can’t just walk into any Starbucks and ask for one of these. If you do that, the Baristas will most likely look at you like you have a second head. But if you just tell them the ingredients you want, they’ll whip it up. Starbucks is all about custom orders—much to the dismay of that guy behind you in line who just wants a plain cup of coffee.

Anyway, let’s get started. Cool?

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