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Starbucks Mystery Frappuccino Coming to Japan

by Joseph
Starbucks Mystery Frappuccino

Starbucks Mystery Frappuccino

In North America we have the Zombie Frappuccino coming to celebrate the Halloween season. In Japan, Starbucks is opting for a more mysterious approach – literally in this case, as the Starbucks mystery frappuccino doesn’t even appear to have an official name.

To all outward observation, the Starbucks mystery frappuccino looks just like a regular frappe, but in perfect horror movie fashion it’s actually concealing an unknown secret. Reportedly inspired by “Halloween mischief,” but I wouldn’t get too scared, since whatever the concoction is contains chocolate – how bad could it be? Of course, it could be a chocolate and blood combination favored by some Japanese Count Chocula equivalent, so keep your eyes peeled.

Outside of Japan, the answer to that question will have to be left to the imagination, but in Japan the Starbucks mystery frappuccino should be available very soon. Stay tuned to see if a domestic equivalent might be on the way soon.

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