Home Entertainment ‘Star Wars Headspace’: ‘Star Wars’-Themed Album Coming Soon

‘Star Wars Headspace’: ‘Star Wars’-Themed Album Coming Soon

by Joseph
Rick Rubin Star Wars Headspace

Rick Rubin Star Wars Headspace

One cool part about a pop culture phenomenon like Star Wars isn’t just the thing itself, but the other things it inspires, some of them more than a little unlikely on paper. Take, for example, the upcoming album from super-producer Rick Rubin entitled Star Wars Headspace.

For Star Wars Headspace, Rubin has enlisted a wretched hive of electronic music producers and artists to create an entire album that modernizes and (hopefully) enhances the sounds of Star Wars. One rule, though: No John Williams samples, as Rubin and the other artists agree that his music constitutes a sacred text.

Rick Rubin’s team of Jedi warriors for Star Wars Headspace includes Flying Lotus, GTA, Kaskade, A-Trak, and in some unknown capacity J.J. Abrams. Information on the record, which is supposed to come out by the end of the year, can be heard in an Apple Music interview with Flying Lotus right here. And you can also get some more info (and hear a few sample tracks from the record) at Complex here.

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