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‘Star Wars’ Disneyland Area Previewed by Disney

by Joseph
Star Wars Disneyland

Star Wars Disneyland

A long, unspecified time from now, in a galaxy far, far away (unless you live in Anaheim), a Star Wars Disneyland area will open its pod bay doors to the public. No one really knows what the park will have, but now the people of Disney have unveiled a new sneak peak, God’s-eye-view rendering of what it will look like—and you can see it up at the top.

The Star Wars Disneyland area doesn’t even have a name yet, especially since “Star Wars Land” seems a little pedestrian. But we do know that the park will let you pilot the Millennium Falcon through the Force of virtual reality, plus (and I’m just guessing here) you will probably be able to get Chewbacca’s autograph.

When Disneyland’s Star Wars park is expected to open is reportedly still to be announced, but you can take your next trip to it in your imagination by seeing Rogue One in theaters this December.

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