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‘Star Trek: Discovery’ First Look Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery

CBS‘ new streaming service CBS All Access will boast an honest-to-God new Star Trek show as its flagship program, and now a new “First Look Trailer” for Star Trek: Discovery is online for fans to enjoy without scrutinizing or criticizing any aspect of it.

Star Trek: Discovery represents the Trek franchise’s return to TV after almost ten years as a big screen property starting with JJ Abrams’ sequel/reboot Star Trek in 2009. It’s set ten years before the original Star Trek series, when the Starship Discovery went where no man had gone before, doing Star Trek type stuff and running into Kilingons and everything. There’s also a holographic Vulcan involved in there somewhere.

Watch the trailer for Star Trek: Discovery below. And for a lot more information on the series, which comes to CBS All Access this fall, head to CBS’ official page for the show right here.

Here’s the trailer:


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