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Staple Floral Crewneck Sweater Worn By LeBron James (Video)

by Joseph

LeBron Jame Staple Floral Print Sweater

LeBron James recently earned some attention by sporting a very loud floral crewneck sweater from Staple at a post-game press conference (pictured above). Unlike many fashion statements made by the rich and famous, this particular item isn’t a custom-made or particularly expensive piece of clothing. Contrarily, Staple is considered by most to be an affordable brand – if it’s considered at all.

Staple founder Jeff Staple was reported to be quite excited about LeBron‘s tacit endorsement, much like the people at Bleacher Report, who recently posted a video all about the sweater recorded at Staple’s showroom.

The video features an interview with Staple’s lead designer, Courtney Walker, in which he discusses the whole LeBron sweater phenomenon. Check it out below, and head to Staple’s website here for more information.

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