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Stance ‘Donuts’ 10th Anniversary Socks

by Joseph
Stance Donuts 10th Anniversary Socks

Stance Donuts 10th Anniversary Socks

Ten years ago next week saw the release of J Dilla’s Donuts, basically the Blackstar of instrumental hip-hop, released mere days before Dilla’s untimely death at 32. Now, the socksmiths at Stance are releasing a limited edition collection: the Stance Donuts 10th anniversary socks.

Stance Donuts 10th anniversary socks take the donut aesthetic to literal (and appetizing) heights with the donut graphic toes dipped in white “frosting” and with a liberal dose of sprinkles in the promotional photo (seen above). The ankle of the sock has “Dilla” emblazoned along the side, leaving little doubt as to who it’s all about – and whose estate has officially licensed the socks.

For more on the Stance Donuts 10th anniversary socks, which will be produced in a limited edition of 1000 pairs at $16 each, take a look at the Stance online store here. They’re set to be available there and from select retailers starting on February 5th.


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