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Stance Compact Tripod for Smartphones (Video)

by Joseph
Stance Compact Tripod

Stance Compact Tripod

I don’t have to enumerate all the reasons you might want to have a tripod for your smartphone – if you do, the reasons will immediately flash across your brain as soon as the idea enters your head. But suffice it to say that anyone who uses their phone to take photos, watch videos, or make video calls could probably do with a Stance Compact Tripod from Kenu.

While most people would probably scoff at the idea of carrying around a tripod for their smartphones, the Stance Compact Tripod is designed to minimize that issue as much as possible. It’s small enough that you can carry it in your pocket with very little hassle or clutter, and it plugs directly into the phone’s connection port so you don’t need any special mounting gadgets or doodads.

You can see how the Stance Compact Tripod works (as well as its various working formations) in the video below. It’s now available for not just the iPhone, but Android or Windows phones as well, and can be had at the Kenu online store here for $30.

Here’s the video:

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