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Stan: The Car-Parking Robot from Stanley-Robotics (Video)

by Joseph


I can’t imagine Sid from Seinfeld would approve of it, but robotics firm Stanley-Robotics has developed a robot that can actually park cars. It’s called Stan, currently operational at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. And presumably, the technology will be available in other parts of the world in the near future.

I know the idea of a car-parking robot conjures up images of a T-1000 hijacking a semi truck, but actually Stan is much more practical. Users reserve a spot online, leave their car, take their keys, and Stan handles the rest. How? Luckily for everyone involved I don’t have to try to explain it, since there’s a video from S-R showing how it works:

If you’re not flying out of Paris any time soon, you can still get more info on Stan, the wonderful car-parking robot at the official Stanley-Robotics site right here. And if you see Sid, be sure not to mention anything about this to him.

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