Home Money Stan Lee Selling Hollywood Mansion for $3.7 Million

Stan Lee Selling Hollywood Mansion for $3.7 Million

by Joseph
Stan Lee's House

Stan Lee's House

Comic book mogul Stan Lee is letting go of his mansion in the Hollywood Hills. As you might expect from a guy who’s gotten a check every time anyone in the world says “Spider-Man” or “Paste-Pot Pete,” it’s a fairly lavish affair, although disappointingly short on explicit references to his career (I was hoping for, like, a giant Galactus statue in the backyard or something).

The 2,500 square foot home was purchased by the now-91-and-going-strong Stan Lee back in 2006 for $3.6 million, which means Stan “The Man” isn’t looking to turn too much of a profit on this sale. That means this might be your chance to live in the house that Spider-Man built (his signature has to be on the deed, at the very least).

You can read a little bit more about Stan Lee’s newly-on-the-market house at The Los Angeles Times website here. And if you’ve got a few million dollars lying around, you could be sleeping on Incredible Hulk bedsheets in a house that was once owned by the guy who created the Incredible Hulk in no time.

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