Home Entertainment ‘Stan Lee Cameo School’ Audi S8 Ad Directed by Kevin Smith (Video)

‘Stan Lee Cameo School’ Audi S8 Ad Directed by Kevin Smith (Video)

by Joseph
Stan Lee Cameo School

Stan Lee Cameo School

With an Avengers movie in theaters and taking over the world as usual, the art of the Stan Lee cameo appearance is thick in the air. Capitalizing on that is a new Audi S8 commercial directed by Kevin Smith, starring Lee as the head of the Stan Lee Cameo School to teach the perhaps unteachable art form of cameo acting.

The Stan Lee Cameo School’s pupils include director Smith (making a meta-cameo himself, it seems), Tara Reid and Michael Rooker, with a “mistaken” appearance by Lou Ferrigno (he was looking for an anger management class instead). It’s pretty funny stuff, and if it doesn’t seem to have much to do with the Audi S8, well, cameos are supposed to be irrelevant.

You can watch Kevin Smith and Audi’s Stan Lee Cameo School commercial for yourself below. And if you enjoyed the Audi S8’s cameo in the commercial, head over to the car’s official site here for more information.

Here’s the video:


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