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St. Eriks Chips: “The World’s Most Exclusive Potato Chips”

by Joseph
St. Eriks Chips

St. Eriks Chips

Andy Warhol‘s famous maxim about Coca-Cola—that everyone, no matter how rich, famous, poor, or infirm, all get the same Coke—could also apply to potato chips. But it does not apply to St. Eriks Chips, billed as “the world’s most exclusive potato chips” by the St. Eriks Brewery.

St. Eriks Chips are so exclusive, in fact, that they’re sold in bags of five chips each that cost $55 a pop (for you liberal arts majors, that’s $11 per chip). They’re made from exotic ingredients like matsutake and truffle seaweed by Swedish National Culinary Team chefs to be the perfect pairing for St. Eriks India Pale Ale. But they probably go good with Coke too.

You can purchase your own 5-chip package of St. Eriks Chips from the brewery’s official site for the chips (that’s right, they get their own website too) right here. And hopefully soon they will figure out how to make chips like this while retaining the possibility of folded-over “wish chips,” one of the most important parts of the potato chip eating experience.


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