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Sriracha Seasonings: Three Varieties of Dry Sriracha

by Joseph
Sriracha Seasonings

Sriracha Seasonings

You only have to be marginally aware of the world around you to know that Sriracha is currently the hot condiment on the block, in both senses of the word “hot.” We’ve covered a few Sriracha novelty products on this site before, and now we have one for when liquid Sriracha spiciness just isn’t appropriate for the task at hand: It’s these four varieties of Sriracha seasonings from ThinkGeek.

To be more specific, those four flavors of Sriracha seasonings are (in presumably ascending order of hotness) “Original, Ghost Pepper, Scorpion Pepper, and Carolina Reaper.” And if you can’t decide which variety would make the best fit in your spice rack, don’t worry, because the Sriracha seasonings are only available in a four-pack that spans the entire line of flavors.

You can buy one of those Sriracha seasoning four-packs from the ThinkGeek online store here, where each one is priced at $24.99, or just a little bit over six bucks per bottle. Just don’t use them all in one recipe, or you might hurt yourself.

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