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Sriracha 2 Go: The Inevitable Portable Sriracha

by Joseph
Sriracha 2 Go

Somewhere in the back of your mind, you knew this had to happen eventually. There’s now a way for you to carry a small bottle of Sriracha on your keychain, for when you find yourself in a restaurant out in the suburbs that doesn’t have it on the table. It’s called Sriracha 2 Go (or, alternatively, Sriracha2Go), a small, 1.5-ounce bottle that you can take pretty much anywhere (except, presumably, on airplanes).

Sriracha 2 Go isn’t just a small Sriracha bottle.  It also has a hole up at the top that you can use to attach to your keychain, and can thus provide a shot of spicy Sriracha flavor wherever you go. You can also refill it whenever it runs low, provided you want to stay economically sound while carrying a tiny bottle of Sriracha with you at all times.

Speaking of economics, each bottle of Sriracha 2 Go costs seven dollars, so if you’re interested just head to the product’s website here to get your own or find out more information. And you can see a few pictures of Sriracha 2 Go in action in the gallery below.

Sriracha 2 GoSriracha 2 GoSriracha 2 GoSriracha 2 GoSriracha 2 Go

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