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Squirrel Wingsuits

by Joseph
Squirrel Wingsuits

Squirrel Wingsuits

Here’s a product that will probably only appeal to a limited group: It’s a wingsuit from Squirrel, which now offers a complete line of customizable wingsuits.

The line includes Squirrel Wingsuits for every level of wingsuit-aptitude. There’s a suit for beginners called the Swift, as well as a bridge between that and the Colugo expert suit, called the Aura.

Each Squirrel Wingsuit is customizable based on the customer’s preferences in the way of color, performance, appearance, and more. They are a bit expensive, starting at $1,650, but if you’re jumping from terrifying heights as a hobby, it’s safe to say you’ve probably got a little money in the bank.

Check out their website here for more info and to do some shopping.

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