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Spyscape: New Museum of Espionage Opens in NYC

by Joseph


I can’t figure out why it’s not in Washington, but a new museum in Manhattan lets visitors live out there superspy fantasies and possibly learn something about the history of espionage in the process. It’s called Spyscape, and it opened to visitors and double agents alike earlier this month.

Spyscape boasts the expected array of spying history exhibits, but the even more intriguing features include stuff like “real spy challenges,” which lets visitors crack codes, run surveillance, and even do something I’m pretty sure no real life spy has ever done: Navigate a laser tunnel (pictured above). You can also “discover your inner spy” by undergoing a personality profile that will determine exactly what mode of espionage you’d be best at.

There’s a lot of stuff to do in New York City, but Spyscape seems like a good prospect for anybody with an interest in espionage. You can check out the museum’s official site here for more information.


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