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‘Spy_Watch’: Espionage Game for Apple Watch

by Joseph


One of the biggest appeals of the Apple Watch is that it looks and feels like some kind of high-tech spy gadget. Now, a new game designed specifically for the Apple Watch can make it act like a spy gadget too – it’s called Spy_Watch, a game built around the watch’s notification system to place you inside an interactive spy thriller.

The plot of Spy_Watch goes like this: Your father is the head of a top-secret spy agency, and after his mysterious death you inherit his spymaster duties. Your mission is to guide your last agent through assorted spy stuff, like assassinations, double-crosses, and so on, while you get to the bottom of who killed your dad. And it all goes down through your Apple Watch’s notifications!

Spy_Watch just might be the killer app that gets more than one person to try out the Apple Watch (I know I wish I could give it a try), and you can get more information on the game right here.

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