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Smuggle Contraband With the Spy Bolt

by Joseph
Spy Bolt

Spy Bolt

You never know when you’re going to have to get sensitive materials across enemy lines. One time-tested way to do that is to hide it in an innocuous-looking container that can pass a cursory inspection without being noticed. But where the spies of old probably had to make their own smuggle-gadgets, you can buy a Spy Bolt on Amazon.

The Spy Bolt looks just like an ordinary bolt, but it contains a half-inch-wide and three-inch-long container for small valuables or government secrets. Everything stays inside thanks to an O-ring seal and reverse threading in the bolt head. You probably don’t have to swallow it, either.

If your next espionage mission is far enough away for you to wait for an Amazon shipment, head here to place an order for your Spy Bolt now. It only costs $20, which is more than James Bond had to pay for his gadgets, but still pretty cheap anyway.

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