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Sprite: “Portable and Rugged” Drone by Ascent AeroSystems

by Joseph


You don’t have to focus on it for long to notice that Sprite is a completely different kind of drone. It’s sleek and minimalist, staying aloft without the aid of the multiple propellers and outcroppings that define most drones today, outfitted instead with a simple stacked dual-propeller system that makes it a triumph of portability.

Sprite was also designed with an emphasis on durability, with an enclosed airframe that keeps out water, dust, and debris (this also distinguishes it from most other drones on the market). It comes equipped with multiple automatic flight modes, including “follow me,” and with a built-in 1080P HD video camera as well as a separate attachment for a GoPro camera.

The Sprite drone from Ascent AeroSystems only has a couple days left in its Kickstarter campaign here, where you can pre-order yours starting at $799 and up.  And it has already surpassed its fundraising goal, so shipments can be expected to begin in December of this year.

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