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Spotify Stations: New Playlist Streaming App Being Tested

by Joseph
Spotify Stations

Spotify Stations

Spotify is a great streaming service for music lovers thanks to its extensive library of songs and albums. There’s another side to Spotify too, the one made up of curated playlists and various radio stations tailored to the listener’s own tastes, and now the company is testing an app called Spotify Stations that lets users listen to those playlists on their own for free.

Spotify Stations is reportedly described by Spotify as “an experiment,” currently only available to Android users in Australia. But its basic point seems to be to get music playing as quickly as possible, without having to search through artist catalogs or anything – you can also get Spotify’s weekly playlists like “Release Radar” and “Discover Weekly” through the Stations app as well.

Spotify Stations is ad supported, so it could allow the service to corner a bit more of the market occupied by services like Pandora, without charging new subscribers in the process. Read more about it right here.

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