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Spotify Planning Restrictions on New Music

by Joseph


For all of the good that Spotify has done in the world, one of the best is that it’s made it extremely easy for casual fans to catch up on new releases, either for free or for no more than the cost of a subscription to Spotify Premium. But that first option may be on the chopping block, as the streaming service is reportedly considering giving artists the option to restrict their new releases to paid subscribers only.

People who pay attention to such things may recognize that arrangement as exactly the one that Taylor Swift demanded before pulling her catalog from the popular music streaming service when her demands went unanswered. Allowing Premium users to access new releases unavailable to freeloaders may be a good thing for Spotify, too, since it would likely result in more people jumping on the ad-free Premium bandwagon.

You can expect more info on any changes to the Spotify subscription structure soon – if for no other reason than it might become abundantly clear the next time you try to listen to some new release for free. For more, read up on the story at The Wall Street Journal right here.

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