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Spotify Launching Video Content This Year

by Joseph


Jay Z’s premium streaming service Tidal might be seen as a big flop, but it does appear to have influenced one of the heavy hitters in the streaming game, since reports have surfaced that Spotify is planning to roll out video content sometime this year.

Details on Spotify’s video offerings are still to come, presumably at a big media event coming up on May 20th in New York City, where Spotify is expected to elaborate on their entry into the video streaming world, as well as to make some other potentially big announcements. Until then, we can only speculate on what Spotify’s video streaming will be like, what it will cost, and so on.

And that will have to do until that big Spotify media event in a couple weeks – but you can stay parked at Spotify’s official blog here, where more details on the service’s video offerings will have to arrive sooner or later.


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