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Spotify Hi-Fi: Lossless Audio Option Coming Soon

by Joseph
Spotify Hi-Fi

Spotify Hi-Fi

First Tidal loses their exclusive rights to Prince’s Warner Bros catalogue, and now this: It’s being reported that in the near future Spotify users will get the option to get lossless music streaming – at a premium price, of course. The service is called Spotify Hi-Fi, which in case you haven’t noticed on your own is kind of hard to say out loud.

The long and the short of Spotify Hi-Fi is that audiophiles will no longer have to depend on Tidal or other niche streaming services for their lossless audio fix. For twenty dollars a month, they’ll have access to Spotify’s expansive catalogue, original content, and social media features with lossless audio thrown into the mix—a good deal, provided your ears are sharp enough to tell the difference.

No word yet on exactly when Spotify Hi-Fi will be rolled out, but you can read more about the service at The Verge right here.

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