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SportChassis P4XL: “The Ultimate Luxury SUV”

by Joseph
SportChassis P4XL
SportChassis P4XLSportChassis P4XLSportChassis P4XLSportChassis P4XLSportChassis P4XLSportChassis P4XL

Lots of products get billed as “the ultimate this” or “the ultimate that,” but it still takes some courage to call your SUV the “ultimate” in its field. That’s exactly what the makers of the SportChassis P4XL have done, and if looks can be believed, they might just be right.

Measuring 22 feet long and with a wheelbase of 174 inches, the SportChassis P4XL certainly has the market cornered on size. But there’s also the monster’s 350-horsepower diesel engine, the noise of which is kept out of the inner cabin by way of Dynamat interior lining. Then there’s the control panel, which offers a Pioneer AVIC-Z3 touchscreen for the vehicle’s audio as well as the built-in GPS system. What more could you ask for?

For more information on the SportChassis P4XL, as well as other models from SportChassis, just head here. And see some photos of the vehicle in the gallery up top.

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