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Spirit of Boston Whiskies Made From Sam Adams Beer

by Joseph
Spirit of Boston Whiskies

Spirit of Boston Whiskies

If you like beer, and you like whiskey, the people at Boston Harbor Distillery have come up with a few products that combine the two as well as the two should ever be combined. They’re called Spirit of Boston Whiskies, each one made from a different Sam Adams beer.

There’s New World Tripel, Thirteenth Hour Stout, and Merrymaker Gingerbread Stout, each one of which makes one of the Spirit of Boston Whiskies. All three are 84 proof, so they’re a lot stronger than their beer ancestors, but they’re said by Boston Harbor to retain essential elements of their origin beers’ flavors.

In the absence of actually trying the Spirit of Boston Whiskies out yourself, you can get some more information on all three blends at the Boston Harbor Distillery site right here. You can also place an order for one/two/all of them, and each of them are priced at $40 a bottle.

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