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Spire: A Health Tracker Attached to Your Clothes

by Joseph


The health tracker that can track your health even after you forget to put it on ain’t been invented yet. But Spire comes close, since the whole idea of it is that you can attach it to your clothes and then forget about it, with updates on your health, physical activity, sleep, and so on coming straight from your clothes.

Spire tracks heart rate, exercise, sleep patterns, and even your stress level, then gives you feedback on how to improve through the app. So, essentially, it works just like any other health and fitness tracker, but this one you can attach to all your favorite shirts and then forget about. Then, as long as you remember to put on a shirt in the morning, you should be go.

That’s the chief appeal of Spire, and as such you can purchase the tags in packs starting at $49 so you have plenty to go around your wardrobe. Check it out right here.

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