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“Spinning Herbie” From ‘Herbie Goes Bananas’ Up for Auction

by Joseph
Spinning Herbie

Spinning Herbie

This one goes out to all the Herbie superfans out there: One of the stunt cars specially made for the 1980 film Herbie Goes Bananas is hitting the auction block. It’s dubbed the “Spinning Herbie,” thanks to its hidden fifth wheel that allows the car to appear to spin on its own central axis.

In fact, that fifth wheel is the only one attached to “Spinning Herbie” that actually touches the ground. And that’s not the only trick this car’s got up its automotive equivalent of sleeves – it’s also got a hidden control box in its rear seat, which allowed stunt drivers to control the car while maintaining the illusion that Herbie had a mind of his own.

For your own chance at owning one of the many Herbies that made Herbie Herbie, check out the “Spinning Herbie” auction listing at Barrett-Jackson’s website right here. Bids in the form of bananas will not be accepted.

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