Home Entertainment ‘Spider-Man’ Music 1967-69: Jazzy Cartoon Score Collected in One Place (Audio)

‘Spider-Man’ Music 1967-69: Jazzy Cartoon Score Collected in One Place (Audio)

by Joseph
Spider-Man Music

Spider-Man Music

The internet is a pretty crazy place sometimes. Almost two years ago, back in November of 2014, some hero by the username of 11db11 isolated all of the background music and score from the 1967 Spider-Man series, cutting out the dialogue and sound effects him (or her, but probably him)self. Now, you can enjoy this Spider-Man music on your own, thanks to his work getting some renewed attention online.

A little bit of background info: The music from Spider-Man is the work of Ray Ellis, a legendary record producer and jazz arranger who worked for Filmation between the years 1968 and 1982, producing tons of surprisingly good music under a pseudonym for that studio’s range of animated programming—including the show in question. Fans have long appreciated the music on the series, but it took some guy on the internet to make it available on its own.

And so here it is, courtesy of Mental Floss: more than an hour of jazzy tunes perfect for web-slinging, or whatever it is you do at your job. Enjoy:

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