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‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Poster Shows Spidey Relaxing

by Joseph
Spider-Man: Homecoming poster

Spider-Man: Homecoming poster

As superheroes go, Spider-Man has to have, on average, among the least amounts of leisure time. He doesn’t have any money so he’s constantly working, he’s in school so he’s got class and homework, he’s always juggling dates with Mary Jane and his responsibilities as a crimefighter, and on weeknights he has to have dinner with Aunt May. But a new Spider-Man: Homecoming poster shows that he does occasionally have a little time to relax.

Movie posters these days, especially those advertising action-adventure and superhero movies, are generally focused on either bursts of violence or grim determination, and that alone makes this Spider-Man: Homecoming poster an interesting novelty. The poster also has a cool shot of the NYC skyline, complete with Avengers Tower, which ties in Spider-Man with mainstream MCU continuity for the first time in a solo Spider-Man movie.

You can see the full Spider-Man: Homecoming poster via the movie’s Twitter account below. The movie comes out on July 7th, and in the meantime you can stay informed on the goings-on of the Marvel Cinematic Universe right here.

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