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Sphero BB-8 ‘Star Wars’ Toy (Video)

by Joseph
Sphero BB-8

Sphero BB-8

It feels like only yesterday when the world fell in love with BB-8, the small, spherical droid seen at the beginning of the first Star Wars – The Force Awakens trailer. But it’s actually been long enough for a toy based on the little guy to come out, courtesy of the robot ball lords at Sphero – the Sphero BB-8.

Like Sphero’s other toys, the Sphero BB-8 is an intelligent robotic toy that can be controlled via smartphone or left to its own devices, with an “adaptive personality” that purportedly evolves over time as it gets to know you and you get to know it. Other features include voice recognition and video recording – it’s basically the closest we’ve come yet to having actual droids on the market.

I have no idea how much a Sphero BB-8 costs in space credits, but in our galaxy it’ll set you back about $150 at the droid’s official site right here, where you can also check out all the toy’s features, bells, and whistles. Or you could just watch a video with the BB-8 in action below.


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