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SPEETBOX: Modular Eco-Friendly Heating by Philippe Starck

by Joseph


If your home has a fireplace or wood stove, you know that these items aren’t exactly the most flexible or environmentally friendly pieces of furniture a person can own. But designer Philippe Starck has come up with a way to heat your home that’s completely modular and eco-friendly: SPEETBOX.

SPEETBOX is a system of variously functional cubes that fit together to create a piece of smart heating furniture that can be controlled with an Android app. In addition to the heating blocks for burning wood (or providing electric-sourced heating), there are other blocks for seating, storing and displaying books, and more. And the energy efficiency from using the system is vastly improved over traditional stoves and fireplaces.

Release details on SPEETBOX are reportedly coming soon, and for now you can get more information on the product at the official Speeta site right here, where you can also get a sense of just how many different custom options will be available to users of the product.

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