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Spector: Handheld Device Captures Typefaces, Colors Digitally

by Joseph


Fiona O‚ÄôLeary, design student at the Royal College of Art, has come up with a very cool gadget as a final project that will hopefully be available to use by the general public soon. That’s because Spector, as it’s named, is a handheld device that can capture typefaces and colors encountered in the real world, and provide users with their closest digital equivalent for use in whatever visual design projects they wish to use them for.

The Spector analyzes every aspect of whatever you run it across – kerning, leading size, and perhaps more importantly where the font can be purchased or acquired for use. CMYK, RBG or Pantone color values can also be analyzed and saved in real time. For typography nerds, it’s easily cooler than the Spektor encoding device in the novel From Russia, With Love.

And even though the Spector tool isn’t in production just yet, you can check it out as well as O’Leary’s other projects right here.

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