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Special K Packaging Reimagined by Mun Joo Jane (Photos)

by Joseph
Special K Redesign

Cereal boxes don’t get much more classic than the one Special K comes in, having remained more or less the same in the six decades since the cereal first came out. So tinkering with a classic can be a pretty irresistible impulse for an artist, which is why graphic designer Mun Joo Jane took a stab at a much more modern and eye-catching box for the cereal.

Mun Joo Jane’s redesigned Special K box doesn’t really look like a cereal box at all – instead it’s a cardboard cylinder with a transparent plastic panel, and a cap that doubles as a measuring cup (a nice dovetail with the cereal’s health-and-fitness wheelhouse). As a cereal box redesign, it might be too radical for the average consumer to accept, but as a conceptual exercise it’s pretty cool to look at.

Since we’re on the subject, you can look at Mun Joo Jane’s Special K box redesign in the gallery below. And for more of Jane’s work, head over to the artist’s official online portfolio here.

Here’s the gallery:

Special K RedesignSpecial K RedesignSpecial K Redesign

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